ACZ52 right CZ52 left

Length:                  8.25 inches

Barrel Length:     4.5 inches

Caliber:                 7.62x25mm

Weight:                 34.5 oz

The CZ-52 is a roller-lock semi-automatic pistol of Czech design.  The pistol features an 8 round magazine and a caliber that can defeat Level III body armor.  The safety switch features a de-cocker, however, there have been some reports of the de-cocker failing and actually discharging the weapon.  The firing pins are also particularly weak and dry firing is not recommended.

Widely available commercially up through approximately 2010.  These started drying up and have increased in price in the US to about $300 for a nice one.  The black finish (as pictured) is featured on pistols that have been arsenaly refinished.  The original finish was a gray parkerizing type and tended to wear easily.  Usually the original finish commands a slight premium, particularly if it is in good condition.

An unfounded rumor on the internet about this pistol is that it cannot handle the pressures of surplus rounds.  I have not found that to be the case.  Although it would not be able to handle proofing rounds, the pistol should be able to handle any surplus round of a standard pressure.  The Czechs would not have produced a pistol that could not handle their issued 7.62x25mm rounds.

As shown below, the CZ 52 can easily be rebarrelled for 9mm.  The standard CZ 52 magazines will work for this conversion and no fitting is required.  I would note that the barrels did occasionally fail to give a full positive ejection, probably due to US commercial 9mm ammunition having a much lower pressure than the caliber that the pistol was originally chambered for.  These barrels were made to take advantage of the more plentiful 9mm ammuntion, but they are not widely available anymore.

9mm Barrel CZ52

The following manual provides complete takedown and maintenance instructions: