Enfield No. 4 Mk 2 Bayonet


Length:                     10 inches

Length of spike:       8 inches

The No 4 Mk 2 bayonet fits all of the No 4 series Enfield rifles.  These are socket type bayonets that slip over the milled lugs in a No 4 barrel.  After they are inserted, you turn them a quarter turn and a spring loaded catch falls into place that secures the bayonet on the rifle.  These spike designs were used by the English from the late 1930s until 1948 and were largely replaced with blade type bayonets after that.

The piece pictured here is the standard production bayonet.  A wartime expedient model was made, made from a rough casting and a pinned and welded rod.  To date, neither version commands a premium over the other.  On some early production, the spike had flutes milled into it to form a cruciform.


These bayonets were produced by a variety of manufacturers, most commonly Savage, Singer, and Long Branch.  Singer bayonets are marked S.M.C., S.M., or N67.  Savage made are marked with the characteristic Savage S.  Long Branch made are marked with the melded LB symbol contained on most Long Branch products.

Savage marked examples typically command a premium in the United States.  Savage made bayonets are interesting pieces showing the American manufacture of material for the allies.  Production began at Savage began in February 1941.

Virtually all examples are World War II surplus as the last date of approval for production was February of 1943.  The production was halted entirely in 1945.  It is common to see some of these that were assembled using different parts from different manufacturers.  Earlier production codes tend to be better made.  None of the manufacturer’s quality are significantly different.

The value of these varies widely, depending on condition, age, and manufacturer.  Savage bayonets are available currently: