Nagant M1895

AM1895 Right SideM1895 Left Side

Length:                    10.5 inches

Barrel Length:        4.5 inches

Caliber:                    7.62x38r mm

The Nagant Model 1895 pistol is a seven shot revolver that has a fairly unique design in that when the revolver is cocked, the cylinder moves forward to aid in creating a gas seal along with the unique cartridge design.  This revolver is one of only a few designs that creates a gas seal between the cylinder and the barrel, making this one of the few revolvers that can support a functioning silencer.  The cylinder can contain seven cartridges.

The biggest problem with shooting this pistol is the availability of ammunition.  New production ammunition is available for about 50 cents a round in the US, but new production usually has an anemic powder load.  At one time about 200 rounds of ammo was more expensive than the gun itself!  The original powder load is comparable to .32 H & R Magnum.

Bakelite grips (as pictured) are considered more desirable by collectors.  Tula (Star marking as pictured) is the more desirable manufacturer and pre-World War II dates are preferred.  Communist party or other unique markings are particularly rare, and should be met with skepticism if seen.

This pistol is still the least expensive surplus pistol on the market (as of 2016).  Currently in the US, these are priced at around $150 for a common example.  A “sporter” target model is available.  This model has a modified grip and a heavier and longer barrel.  These model command a significant premium and are available around $300 in the United States.

Aftermarket cylinders are available that convert the pistol to .32ACP, however, as of this writing, production has stopped and these cylinders are hard to find.  Significant fitting is usually required to get the cylinder to function properly.

The original holsters can be found here: