Surplus Ammunition, Soviet Steel Core Light Ball 7.62x54r

76254r A 76254r B

Details:  147.8 gr, steel case, FMJ, spitzer boat tail

Soviet ammunition cans for this ammunition are typically marked and have a head stamp as pictured.  Although most military surplus rifles using this caliber are designed for a bullet weight of around 175 gr., this ammunition still manages to perform well and production was usually above average as far as surplus ammo goes.  Most of this ammunition was produced in the 1970s and 1980s.

Steel core ammunition is more difficult to obtain due to recent importation bans, but a large quantity of it was imported in the US before those bans took place and can still be found for around 35-50 cents a round depending on your area.  The silver tip paint on the bullet designates the ammuntion as steel core.

And for a more humorous take on the original surplus ammo cans: