Surplus Ammo: Yugo M75 Ball 8mm Mauser

M75 Ball A M75 Ball B

Details:  196grain, FMJ, boat tail

Yugo M75 Ball is generally regarded as the highest quality of all 8mm Mauser surplus ammunition.  This ammo was produced as a sniper grade ammunition.  Many believe that this ammunition is superior to hand loads.  The powder in the primer is corrosive, however the powder in the cartridge itself is not corrosive.

The headstamp and cartridge are shown above.  This particular surplus ammo was produced in 1999.  Most of the M75 ball was produced in the 1980s and 1990s.  This surplus ammunition is usually priced around 50 cents to 75 cents a round in the US.  It is not widely available.

M75 Ball is clearly marked as such.  Some unscrupulous sellers will try to confuse buyers into believing that older Yugo production from the 1950s is M75 Ball.  Always check the packaging closely.

And for a more humorous take on the original surplus ammo cans: